Do away with 1-year vacant federal govt posts: finance division

Cabinet to make final decision

The federal government wants to do away with all posts that have been vacant for over a year.

The decision was made by the finance division. No appointments will be made for the posts from grades one to 16.

The finance division has sent a notice of this to all the federal ministries, departments and divisions.

According to the finance division, the final decision on the matter will be made by the federal cabinet. If approved, it will be applicable to all federal government institutions. The recommendation has already been approved by the cabinet's committee.

In a memorandum issued by the finance division, it was noted that the federal government’s enumber of employees increased consistently during the last decade and the salary bill has increased threefold. “The pension bill is becoming unmanageable,” the memo noted.

It also said that the Centre has 95% employees in grades one to 16 who consume 85% of the salary bill.



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