PIA given three-day extension to operate in Europe

Allows PIA flights till July 3

PIA, which has been banned from operating in the European Union bloc for six months, has been given an extension in the United Kingdom and European countries for three days from July 1 to 3.

The Pakistan government has tried to convince to let its national airline operate and in response EU has granted conditional permission to fly PIA. The foreign secretary liaised with ambassadors of European countries. 

Flights from Islamabad to London and back will operate as usual. Other PIA flights will be announced soon.

Citizens of 14 EU countries have also been allowed entry. The United States and the United Kingdom are not among the countries that have been declared safe by the European Union.

After reports emerged that as many as 262 PIA pilot licenses are dubious, the European Union Air Safety Agency took the decision against Pakistan’s national carrier.  


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