Mansha Pasha hopes the LGS harassers are brought to justice

Four accused employees have been sacked by the school
Jul 02, 2020

Pakistani starlet Mansha Pasha wants education institutions to have a strict form of check and balance regarding the code of conduct for staff members to prevent harassment incidents from occurring again and again.

Her tweets came after four LGS employees were accused of harassing students. According to students, the suspects used to send them inappropriate pictures and tried to touch them. "When we refused, they threatened and blackmailed us," students added.

The students even said that they had approached one of the school’s teachers with these complaints but instead of helping them, she told them to stay quiet.

Pasha said that in Pakistan people are not empowered to question their elders and someone in authority.

She remarked that when a person in authority does something that feels blatantly wrong it creates confusion and trauma because it goes against everything we have been taught and made to believe.

"This along with the severity of the claims of absolute abuse of power made by the young men & women studying at diff institutions in Lahore makes me realise and empathise," reads her tweet.

The administration of the school has sacked all four employees. “They include a chemistry teacher, an admin officer, a guard and an accountant,” the school’s management claimed.

The District Education Authority of Lahore has formed a three-member committee to investigate the teachers at the Lahore Grammar School 1A1 accused of harassing women students.

The decision was taken after multiple students of the school came out with their stories of harassment on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

The inquiry team has been instructed to present a report to the authority within three days and “dig out the factual position on the subject matter”. It is headed by Government Islamia High School Principal Ghyas Sabir.



Mansha Pasha


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