Did Bushra Ansari just call drama critics 'corona'?

Twitter wants apology for insulting Amma TV Aur Mein
Jul 01, 2020

Veteran actress, playwright and Pakistan’s favourite comedian, Bushra Ansari is trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

Ansari decided to leave a long, harsh comment on a review of her drama serial, Zebaish, by YouTube channel Amma TV Aur Mein. It is an online show by Momin Ali Munshi and his mother Lubna Faryad where dramas are reviewed through the lens of an ordinary mom (Amma) watching Pakistani television.

The reviews are supposed to be humorous, blunt and representative of what the common Pakistani woman thinks of the dramas she is watching.

But Ansari did not take lightly to the review of actors Zara Noor Abbas and Asma Abbas for their roles in Zebaish. Here's what her now deleted comment was:


But Twitter isn't having it. They want the actor to apologise. Soon after Ansari's comment, #IStandWithAmma started trending to show support with Faryad.

Bushra Ansari

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