PCB should support players during crises: Inzamam-ul-Haq

Pakistan batting legend accuses board of ‘abandoning’ coronavirus-affected players
Jun 27, 2020

Pakistan batting legend Inzamam-ul-Haq has said that the Pakistan Cricket Board should support its players whenever they are facing a crisis.

“The PCB should stand united with the players no matter what kind of problems they are facing,” Inzamam said in a video on his YouTube channel. “You should not separate yourself from them.”

 The batting legend claimed that he came to know about several players who contacted the cricket board, asking what they could eat but the medical staff did not pick up their calls for days. “They did not talk to them and their attitude was poor towards the players.”

Such mindset creates a divide among players, Inzamam said. He requested the PCB to look after the players that won’t be part of the squad travelling to England.

Inzamam went on to say that the board should have accommodated the virus-affected players in the cricket academies to take better care of them.

“A person who is suffering from any disease needs more care,” he added.  






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