Karachi inmate builds coronavirus sanitisation gate just for Rs3,000

He used an old compressor, pipe and nozzle to construct it

Muhammad Jameel, an inmate at the Karachi Central Jail, has built a coronavirus sanitisation gate inside the prison just for Rs3,000.

He constructed the gate using old leftover equipment inside the prison and some supplies from outside. "I had carefully seen the gate the government had installed here and then constructed another one," Jameel said.

He used the compressor of an old refrigerator, a nozzle and some pipes to make it. The gate was prepared in five days.

"It took long because there were some things we needed from the market but couldn't get them due to the lockdown," a jail police in-charge said.

Initially, the government had provided the jail one sanitisation gate. They, however, needed another one for inmates and jailers going from one section to another.

Jameel said if the government provides him supplies he can prepare more gates and sell them in the market as well.


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