Osman Khalid Butt wants to amend Pakistan’s child labour laws

Pakistani celebrities demand justice for Zohra Shah
Jun 05, 2020

Pakistani actor Osman Khalid But has called for the implementation of child labour laws in Pakistan after an eight year old girl was beaten to death in Rawalpindi for freeing a caged bird.

The eight-year-old who was beaten to death by her employers for accidentally releasing caged birds, had bruises and semi-healed wounds on her body, meaning that she was often beaten up and there was also evidence of child abuse. The perpetrators have been arrested.

The incident stirred a debate on Twitter on Wednesday where many people, including celebrities, demanded justice for the child.

Talking about the case, Butt said that he wanted to make sure that we never see a case like Zohra Shah again.

“If we want change beyond #JusticeForZohraShah, we need to raise our collective voice to amend our child labour laws,” he said, compete with links to understand our country’s laws regarding the matter.

Following his tweets, he urged people to educate themselves on child labour laws and to contribute to causes fighting for the rights of children.

“We cannot have another case like Zohra Shah. We cannot allow for our outrage to fade till our laws are amended to protect the rights of children, sans any loophole,” said Butt.

Earlier, Pakistani actors like Mahira Khan, Armeena Khan, Shaniera Akram and many took to social media to condemn the act.

Mahira Khan shared took to twitter called the perpetrators as “demons”. “The demons walk freely among us,” she said.

Shaniera Akram callout all the people who hired domestic staff under the age of reminded everyone that child labour was against the law. 14. “Anyone who has a person working for them in their house who is under the age of 14, and I don’t care if they are your longtime staff members, son or daughter who’s living with you, you are breaking the law."

Actor Armeena Khan also took to twitter and shared a sketch of a girl freeing a bird from its cage with the caption “RIP Zohra Shah. #JusticeForZohraShah”.

Mahira Khan

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