Wildlife dept rescues hyena from dog attack in DI Khan

The animal has been shifted to Peshawar for treatment
May 30, 2020
Photo: Faisal Amin Khan/Twitter
Photo: Faisal Amin Khan/Twitter

A striped hyena was rescued in Dera Ismail Khan by wildlife authorities after a video of it being attacked by men from a village with their dogs was shared on social media.

The hyena has been shifted to a hospital in Peshawar, according to KP MPA Faisal Amin Khan.

The men from a village in Kohi Pewar of Drazanda tehsil tried to flush out the hyena from its den with the help of their dogs and took it to their village to torture and then kill it. The authorities reached on time and saved its life.

DI Khan Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Umair, DPO Wahid Mehmood and the Darazinda assistant commissioner took part in the rescue operation along with the wildlife department's team.

Striped hyenas have been classified as 'near threatened' on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Striped hyenas are not members of either the dog or cat families. They belong to a unique family of their own, Hyaenidae.

They have a broad head, dark eyes, a think muzzle and pointy ears. They are mostly scavengers and are known to steal crops such as dates, melons, and peaches among others, and hunt small reptiles and insects.

Sindh Wildlife Conservator Javed Mahar, in a tweet, said that these animals prefer scavenging rather than hunting. People, however, think of them as killers and "ride of witch". "This perception is absolutely wrong," he adds. "They are beautiful creatures and companions of the evolutionary survival process." They are found in Sindh near the Kirthar National Park.

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