Ertugrul’s producer wants to work on projects with Pakistan

The show has been a massive hit here
May 26, 2020

This ramazan Turkish epic Resurrection: Ertugrul was aired on PTV on the prime minister’s request and became an instant hit. If that’s not enough, the show also broke the world record for the most subscribers on YouTube.

Now, it looks like the show’s producer and screenwriter is interested in collaborating with Pakistan in future projects.

In conversation with the Anadolu Agency, Etrugrul’s producer and screenwriter Mehmet Bozdag said that Muslims should not only work together in politics and trade but also in culture and the arts.

Talking about Turkey and Pakistan, Bozdag said that he was surprised the countries had not collaborated together before. He claimed “we call each other brother countries” but “have never signed a deal in the field of culture and arts”.

He added that there should be joint projects where producers and actors come together.

"When one of us is in trouble, both countries are mobilised. But we should also do this act on better days and organise days of culture not only in the cinema but also in the field of cuisine, museums and history,” said Bozdag. "We shall share our experiences with Pakistan and they should share theirs with us, and together we will sign world-shaking deals."

According to Bozdag, he knew the show would get attention in Pakistan but never thought it would become such a big hit in such a short time. He said he was happy that the show was popular in Pakistan.

"Even if Turkey and Pakistan have separate borders, the souls are of one nation," he said.



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