Online Food Festival: Crispy Chicken Triangle recipe

It is a part of SAMAA digital and Tastemate’s online food festival

As part of SAMAA digital and Tastemate’s Ramazan online food festival, we bring you easy to make Crispy Chicken Triangle recipe for Iftars.

Here is what you'll need!


Chicken boneless cubes– 250g

Black pepper powder– 1TSP

Salt – TO TASTE  

Garlic powder– 1TSP

Paprika powder– 1 TSP

Hot sauce– 2 TBSP

Oregano – 1TSP

Dried Parsley – 1 TSP

Cheddar cheese– 1/2 CUP

Bread crumbs – ½ CUP

Chips – French cheese (crumbled) – 1 CUP 

All-purpose flour– 1 CUP 

Eggs– 2

Cooking oil


1.      Take a mince chicken.

2.      Add  garlic powder, paprika, hot sauce, dried parsley, salt, black pepper, oregano and cheddar cheese.

3.      Mix well

4.      Now take a square pan, place clingwrap, spread the mixture evenly and close the cling wrap.

5.      Press gently.

6.      Freeze for at least 2 -3 hours.

7.      Take out from freezer.

8.      Cut into three level pieces, then cut into triangle shape.

9.      Make a mixture of bread crumb & chips of French cheese flavor.

10.   Beat eggs.

11.   Coat with all purpose flour then dip into eggs and finally into the mixture (crumbled chips of French cheese flavor and bread crumbs)

12.   Rest for 10 -15 minutes for better coating.

13.   Deep fry until golden brown. 14.   Serve with honey mustard sauce. 


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