Dr Furqan died due to Civil Hospital doctor's misjudgment: report

He was shifted to another hospital instead of being admitted
Photo: FILE
Photo: FILE

The Sindh Health Department issued on Wednesday a report of its inquiry committee that had been set up to investigate the death of Dr Furqan allegedly due to the non-availability of ventilators in Karachi hospitals.

65-year-old Dr Furqan ul Haque, who died of coronavirus Sunday, had retired from the Karachi Institute of Heart Diseases. He had tested positive for the virus on May 1.

The health department has declared Dr Jagdesh of the Civil Hospital Karachi guilty of "misjudgment and negligence" in Dr Furqan’s case. The inquiry committee prepared its report after recording statements of 14 individuals.

It stated that Dr Furqan did not die due to the non-availability of ventilators. He was not provided timely assistance by ambulance staff and the doctor at the Civil Hospital, the report said.

Dr Furqan had already refused to be admitted to any hospital when he fell ill. At the insistence of his family, Dr Furqan called an ambulance to go to the hospital. Upon arrival at the Civil Hospital, the emergency ward staff shifted him to the Corona Ward.

Dr Furqan was then examined in the ward by Dr Jagdesh, who was the doctor on duty that night. Despite the patient's condition deteriorating, Dr Jagdesh asked Dr Furqan to be taken to another hospital, according to the report.

Civil Hospital staff referred Dr Furqan to another hospital instead of admitting him, the committee observed. There were nine beds available in the ICU at the Civil Hospital.

Dr Furqan went home in the ambulance instead of going to another hospital. Upon reaching home, his condition worsened and he was then taken to the Trimax Hospital.

Dr Furqan required specialist care and ventilation at the Trimax Hospital. The report noted that the patient returned home after being “fed up”.

“The family of the patient was not available for comments but the patient eventually went to (DOW University’s) Ojha where he was announced to be brought in dead,” the report said.

The committee recommended departmental action against Dr Jagdesh for negligence.



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