Peshawar man kills siblings for adding sugar to iftar sherbet

He opened fire at his brother and sister
May 04, 2020

A Peshawar man opened fire at his siblings after a fight over the adding too much sugar to a sherbet prepared for iftar.

The man has been identified as Ishaq. His brother and sister were killed in the firing,

The attack occurred in the jurisdiction of the Mithra police. A case has been registered.

Ishaq fled after the attack. The police have formed a special team headed by the rural SP to arrest him.

The suspect's father said that the incident was just an accident. "God looks after such affairs. My son has young children. What can we do now?"

Scholar Bilal Qutab said that people stay hungry for God but refuse his follow His other instructions. Our religion does not allow such actions, he added.

The father's statement that this was an accident is quite problematic. In many domestic cases, the parents often end up forgiving their children for murdering their siblings and this needs to be changed, Qutab added.



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