Teach your child social distancing with hats and balloons

You could also use an umbrella
Apr 27, 2020
Schools in China’s Hangzhou took a page out of history by copying the Song Dynasty hats from the 10th century to get children to understanding social distancing. “The long horizontal plumes on Song Dynasty toppers were supposedly to prevent officials from conspiring sotto voce with one another while at court,” tweeted Eileen Chengyin Chow, a professor at Duke University. “So social distancing was in fact their original function!” The headgear meant two people could not come close enough to conspire against the ruler. Meanwhile, the Finance Minister of Kerala Dr Thomas Isaac also tweeted an innovative way they were doing it in one of their villages: umbrellas. “To enforce physical distancing, Thaneermukkom GP in Alappuzha, mandates that everyone hold umbrella when they go out of houses,” he tweeted. “Two opened umbrellas, not touching each other, will ensure minimum distance of one meter from one another. Umbrellas distributed at subsidized rate.”
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