Karachi police in trouble for bringing sick man to court

Suspects are supposed to get a check up first

Karachi's Saeedabad police got in trouble with the court on Wednesday for bringing in a sick suspect.

The suspect, a man over the age of 50, was visibly ill when he was brought to a local court for a hearing.

People got scared seeing the man lying on a bench outside the courtroom. They believed he might have the coronavirus and gave him a wide berth.

The court got angry at the policemen and said they shouldn't bring a sick person to court.

The courts have stopped under-trial prisoners from being brought to court in the hopes of curbing the spread of the coronavirus. Suspects in lockup are allowed to be brought in for their remand.

But the police are supposed to have suspects checked out by a doctor before bringing them.

The suspect has been sent to the police lockup.



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