Pakistan’s first all-women peacekeeping team awarded medals by the UN

15 female majors and captains received honorary medals
Feb 13, 2020
Photo: UN Peacekeeping/Twitter
Photo: UN Peacekeeping/Twitter

The first-ever Pakistani female engagement team in any United Nations mission was awarded UN medals last week for serving in the peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The recognition was given to 15 majors and captains of the team for being the first all-women group from Pakistan to work with the United Nations Organisation Stabilisation Mission.

Major Samia Rehman was awarded a certificate of appreciation for her services. Major Urooj Arif became the first woman to have received the Dancon March Medal. The medal is granted to those who show physical strength and comradeship.

Major Arif was given the honour for covering a distance of 25 kilometres in five hours.

Major Sadia has been made a member of the United Nations training team for the upcoming two years.

The UN medal is awarded for participation in military and police operations that include peacekeeping, humanitarian efforts, and disaster relief.

The award ceremony took place in Adikivu in South Kivu, one of the provinces of the central African country.

Following the award, United States Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice Wells took to Twitter to congratulate the officers and commended their efforts.

A total of 78 Pakistani women have been deployed in the peace mission by the United Nations and are serving as doctors, counselors, police officers, software engineers, nurses, information officers and logistics officers.

In Congo, two female Pakistani teams of 15 members each have been deployed. One of them is stationed in Central Africa.

As of now, 450 Pakistani women have taken part in the UN peace mission.



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