‘Mafia’ using Jhelum graveyard to grow crops

Residents say animals are tied there too
Feb 11, 2020

The Sarai Alamgir Graveyard in Jhelum has now become a ground for growing crops and pasture for animals. According to residents, the graveyard has been taken over by a contractor mafia.

“This land was specifically allotted for graves,” a resident told Samaa TV, declining to be named. “My father, grandfather and even daughter have been buried here but now contractors want to take over this land,” he said.

Initially, waste water was released into the graveyard after which crops are being grown there. Residents say animals have also been tied in the graveyard.

“The trash and smell here has created a lot of problems for the people,” the keeper of the graveyard said. “I request the government to take action against this disrespect of the bodies.”

The residents demanded the government take notice of it and get the graveyard cleaned.



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