Sajjad Ali’s son makes appearance in father’s new single

Baarish is about first love and heartbreak
Feb 11, 2020

Singer Sajjad Ali’s son Khubi made his debut in his father’s latest love ballad Baarish.

The video also stars Sanam actor Reema and newcomer Merub. In the music video, Ali looks back at his first love. The song tells the story of two young lovers, played by Khubi and Merub, who part ways on a rainy afternoon. The lyrics are heart-breaking and nostalgic.

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Besides using his powerful vocals, the Teri Yaad singer has directed the video and is also the brains behind the lyrics and composition.

A few years ago, Khubi and his brother Shabi, had launched a band called SK Champs. Their first song was We Are The Guys.

Sajjad Ali

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