Pakistani mathematician ‘forced’ to leave country after unearthing teaching scam

He is currently teaching at Harvard University
Feb 06, 2020
Photo: file
Photo: file

Amer Iqbal, a Pakistani-American theoretical physicist and mathematician, unearthed a big scam at a government college and forwarded the case to NAB.

He found that funds worth Rs750 million were embezzled at a college. “For the last 10 years, a college was paying salaries to ghost teachers in Europe,” said Pervez Hoodbhoy, nuclear physicist, while speaking on SAMAA TV’s programme 7se8 on Thursday.

Some teachers came from Europe for 15 days and then left, while many didn’t come to Pakistan in the first place, Hoodbhoy added. Iqbal was asked to investigate the matter and he prepared a 450-page report on it too.

The physicist instead of being rewarded for his efforts had to leave the country. The college he was working for never renewed his contract, according to Hoodbhoy.

Iqbal left Pakistan on January 17 and he was offered a job by the Harvard University within 15 days.

It is quite worrisome that brilliant teachers are being forced to leave the country and go settle abroad, remarked Anchor Kiran Naz.

Who is Iqbal?

Hoodbhoy said that Iqbal had completed his MPhil from Quaid-e-Azam University after which he got admission in Massachusetts Institute of Technology for his PhD.

When Iqbal was there, many teachers used his praise him for his hard work and diligence. His teachers occasionally said that they wish they had more students like him.

Steven Weinberg, a Nobel laureate in Physics, even called Iqbal to help with his research at the University of Texas.

Many academics just know one mathematician from Pakistan and that is Iqbal, Hoodbhoy added.


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