Beware of fake ambulances, Faisalabad

They place siren on top to throw people off

A shortage of government ambulances in Faisalabad is leaving people vulnerable to groups that exploit the situation with unregistered or fake ambulances.

These fake ambulances have no connection with hospitals. The groups fool people by placing sirens on their roofs.

The difference between an official and unofficial ambulance was explained by Ahmed Saeed, who is in-charge of the Faisalabad Motor Vehicle Examination department.

“People can ask the driver for the vehicle's fitness certificate and registration book,” he said while speaking on SAMAA TV's programme Naya Din on Tuesday.

People can also call the excise department to see whether the vehicle is registered.

The government ambulances are properly equipped unlike the fake ones, but they not enough for a city of 122, 000 people.

On an average, 70 fake ambulances work in parking areas of each hospital. The government has provided 36 ambulances for the entire city.

How to get an ambulance registered?

First, the vehicle has to be attested as per the Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1965.

The vehicle's axle weight is measured, the condition of tyres is inspected and a team of Rescue 1122 checks the medical equipments.

A folding stretcher, EMT chair, manual suction unit, auto suction unit, burn kit, trauma kit, examination lights, automated external defibrillator, painkillers and injections, saline water and other necessary fluids should be present in an ambulance.

If deemed fit, the vehicles are then registered and can operate as ambulances.


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