Badar Khalil opens up about her retirement

Actress says she left because of lack of respect by peers
Jan 21, 2020
Photo: SAMAA Digital
Photo: SAMAA Digital

A clip from an interview with veteran actress Badar Khalil has gone viral on social media in which she talks about her retirement and lack of respect given to seniors in the industry.

Talking to Samina Peerzada on her talk show Rewind with Samina earlier this month, Khalil said that she retired two years ago because of the lack of respect she got from those working in the industry.

“I was shocked when you told me you had retired. An actor never retires…what happened,” asked Peerzada.

“Well, in this country, they do. No one respects seniors,” said Khalil. “I have worked in this industry for 50 years now. I have seen the good times and bad, done all sorts of roles – young to old. I played an 80-year-old in Be Jamalo when I was a 20-something actress,” she said in the candid interview.

“But after spending so much time in the industry, and I’m not taking any names or anything, I just felt that there was no respect for me. Don’t get me wrong. The public, the fans give me a lot of respect but people from the industry and TV channels do not,” said the Dhoop Kinare actress.


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