Celebrity couples aren’t the only ones who divorce: Bushra Bashir

Says all marriages can have problems
Jan 15, 2020
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Actor Bushra Bashir has some candid assessments on life: All marriages can have problems. This is not something that just happens to celebrity couples. People get divorced.

That doesn’t mean, however, that celebrities have to talk about it. In fact, Bushra stayed silent when she got divorced from producer Iqbal Ansari and married a second time. For the first time, though, she opened up about her personal life, while in conversation with actor Ahsan Khan on his talk show ‘Bol nights with Ahsan Khan’ on Bol TV.

Ahsan Khan pointedly asked the actor why she hadn’t discussed her divorced publicly or if she did not want people to know about it. “This happened years ago,” she said. “I have one circle—Samina Ahmed, Rubina Ashraf, Badar Khalil, Uzma Gillani—we have been like a family since the PTV days. We have spent good time together. If anything happens to any one of us, all of us get worried.”

And as anyone can understand, when one friend goes through a divorce, it can be distressing for those closest to them. Maintaining a veil of silence not only protects the person getting divorced but shields those they love from the vitriol that celebrity couples often face from the public.

Celebrity couples have to also be mindful about their fans. Bushra mentioned two examples: Jamal Shah and Faryal Gauhar and Tahira Saeed and Naeem Bokhari. “They were very beautiful couples. Once they weren’t together anymore, it broke peoples’ hearts,” she said. “No one said that the other was bad. No one said that it was the man or the woman who caused problems because no one knew what was going on between them.”

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