Fact check: This child wasn't attacked by a Muslim immigrant

12-year-old picture of dog attack victim being recirculated
Jan 02, 2020

“A 12-year-old boy in the Swedish city of Helsingborg is beaten up by an Arab immigrant because he has blue eyes,” reads a December 27, 2019 post on a website called Daily Political News below a picture of a blue-eyed, blonde haired child with a massive scar beneath their eye. It claimed that the child was beaten by a “Muslim immigrant” because of the colour of its eyes.

But the website has it all wrong. To start with, the child in the picture is not a 12-year-old Swedish boy. The picture is actually of four-year-old Sophie Willis, a British girl who was attacked by a Rottweiler.

The picture was posted by the BBC in a 2008 story on the attack. Sophie received 20 stitches to her face after being attacked by the dog at her home in Cardiff.  

“The 15-year-old [Muslim] immigrant had asked the Swedish boy what colour eyes he had, according to the District Court. The boy replied “blue green”. The 15-year-old [Arabs] took this as a provocation for unknown reasons. Two witnesses say they saw the 15-year-old slap the boy in the face and say he would continue beating him at the school break. The 15-year-old was convicted for illegal threats and beatings with a daily fine,” read the post.

It concluded by claiming this was another “case of a Muslim migrant getting away with an obvious crime because of liberal judges”.

The story has previously been debunked but is still being shared on social media platforms such as Twitter.

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