Look out Saba Qamar, here come the 'righteous' trolls

Star uploads picture of herself smoking on Instagram
Dec 06, 2019
Photo: Instagram/sabaqamarzaman
Photo: Instagram/sabaqamarzaman
Photo: Instagram/sabaqamarzaman It is all too familiar. The darlings (read: women) of Pakistan's television sets suddenly go from being 'model' members of society to uncultured and morally corrupt. All because of smoking. Mega-popular Pakistani actress Saba Qamar uploaded early Thursday morning a picture of herself on Instagram smoking away blissfully. This was deja vu to 2017, when Mahira Khan was pictured smoking with Ranbir Kapoor  in New York City. While the Hamsafar and Raees star was oblivious to the pictures being taken, Qamar fully intended to be photographed with a cigarette in hand, crediting Sarmad Khoosat for it. The Kamli star - directed by Khoosat and recently finished with production - is as bold as they come and knows how to rile up the trolls on Pakistani social media. Mocking the double standards of society, she quoted the lyrics from the iconic song Hangama Ho Gaya.  Photo: Instagram/sabaqamarzaman The lyrics call out the hypocrisy of Pakistani society, that men get away with smoking and drinking alcohol, just because they are, well - men. That they are the guardians and protectors of honour, it is alright if men transgress with substances. Never mind the aesthetic beauty of the picture captured by Khoosat, the rays of light filtering through the window and grilles. The fact that Qamar took that cigarette and "honton se lagayi" is something that the righteous Pakistani men cannot bear to watch. Follow SAMAA English on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

Saba Qamar

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