Designer creates tourist map to help you with travel plans

72 tourist attractions of Pakistan featured on map
Nov 22, 2019
A Pakistani graphic designer and travel blogger, Assam Altaf, has created a tourist attraction map to help people who want to explore the beauty of Pakistan. The tourist map features 72 attractions, from the mountain ranges of K2 to Karachi's Churna Island. The designer has also compared some of the destinations with places around the world. Lahore was compared to Italy’s Rome, Moola Chotok to Wadis in Oman and Astola Island to Greece. See the map in full resolution here: Altaf is an avid traveler and pictures of his adventures can be seen on his Instagram feed. “Whenever I visit other countries, the first thing I search for is its tourist map,” he wrote on his Instagram. “When I was looking for Pakistan’s tourist map I found nothing helpful or interesting.” The artist said the lack of resources available for tourists motivated him to take the initiative. It took him eight days to complete the map. Altaf wanted to show the beauty of Pakistan through his work. “From childhood I heard about the potential of Pakistan. Five kind of weathers, six kind of beaches, agricultural lands, highest mountains, roof of the world, oldest civilization, all the minerals and resources, heritage and different cultures.” “I decided to create a picture of those voices to showcase Pakistan to the world, what we actually have and how many undiscovered areas we still have to explore.” “In terms of nature, architecture and infrastructure, we are a truly blessed country,” he added. The artist also said that due to the on arrival visa and e-visa policies, Pakistan has seen an influx of tourists. Altaf concluded that he hopes the map would be a guide for travel lovers. Follow SAMAA English on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.
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