What's in Mehwish Hayat's 'leaked video'?

People are angry and want her Tamgha-e-Imtiaz to be withdrawn
Sep 30, 2019
The internet is abuzz about actor Mehwish Hayat's 'leaked video' but what exactly are the contents of this video? Well to start with, it's not half as scandalous as it sounds. It's a video of Hayat at a charity event involving orphans. A reporter approaches her for some questions and Hayat attentively listens. When he asks about children in Kashmir, Hayat starts saying "no, no, no I've been told no questions about Kashmir". She smiles as she says it and the reporter pleads for a comment. People are outraged because Hayat refused to speak about Kashmir. They believe she should have used the opportunity to raise her voice again. Hayat addressed the 'leaked video' as she called it, and said it had been taken out of context. Hayat recently became the goodwill ambassador for global charity organisation Penny Appeal. The group is one of the largest Muslim charities based out of the UK, and operates in 30 countries, including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhuttan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Some people are even calling for Hayat's Tamgha-e-Imitiaz to be taken back. But some people are standing up for her too and say she has nothing to prove. Hayat has been vocal in her support of the Kashmir cause and against the oppression of Kashmiri people. She has also spoken on international forums about Islamophobia. Some of the criticism she received after the 'leaked video' is that she remained silent because she wanted to protect her career by not discussing Kashmir. But Hayat is a Pakistani actor, works primarily in Pakistan and there is little to no benefit for her if she stays silent about Kashmir. According to her tweet, the charity's public relations team asked her to focus on the charity instead of other issues. One poster seems to assume that Hayat has Bollywood aspirations but that doesn't seem to be true either. She has spoken out about Bollywood's demonisation of Pakistanis and urged filmmakers for fair representation of her countrymen. Follow SAMAA English on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram


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