Rahma Ali shares her battle with depression after father's death

Says her birthday will never be the same again
Sep 16, 2019
Photo: Rahma Ali/ Instagram Rahma Ali, a daughter of veteran actor Abid Ali, who passed away on September 5, has shared with her fans that she has been battling with severe depression. Taking to Instagram on her birthday, Rahma shared, "My birthday has always been very important to me. I used to be really really excited. But today I’m more depressed than I’ve ever been.” She added that after the death of her father it is hard for her to even smile. “The [death] anniversary is always gonna fall 10 days before my birthday. I don’t think I’d ever be able to celebrate my day again,” wrote Rahma. Earlier, Rahma had accused her stepmother of taking away her father’s body and restricted the family from attending his funeral. In a video posted on social media, which she later deleted, Rahma put out a tearful appeal for help. She said that her stepmother has told the family, including his daughters, that they cannot attend the funeral. “She has not told us about the janaza. I don’t know what to do.” Follow SAMAA English on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


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