Minal Khan talks about ‘sweet’ bond with twin sister Aiman  

Says they never compete with each other
Sep 01, 2019
Twin sisters Minal Khan and Aiman Khan have got their share of the spotlight at a very young age. Minal recently spoke about her relationship with her sister and how her life has changed after Aiman got married. “Aiman and I have never competed against each other,” Minal said in a recent interview on Rewind with Samina Peerzada on Friday. She said her parents always treated them as equals and that is why they never get jealous of each other’s fame. “I am happy that she has done more than work than me, and she also appreciates my work.” Minal said Aiman’s marriage has changed her life a lot. “Aiman is 28 minutes older than me and she has always acted like the older sister, but now I have to fill her space in the house.” The sisters have three younger brothers. Minal said she is now becoming more attached to her brothers and supporting her parents since she's the eldest in the house. However, the sisters still share clothes and even go shopping together. Talking about the difference in their personalities, Minal said Aiman is more outgoing and social, whereas she is more of an introvert. Minal’s latest TV drama Hassad received many positive reviews. Follow SAMAA English on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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