Kamal suspended from KMC post for 'misbehaving with bosses'

Mayor had appointed the PSP leader Monday evening
Aug 27, 2019
    [caption id="attachment_1836272" align="alignnone" width="800"] Photo: Mustafa Kamal/Facebook[/caption] Former mayor Mustafa Kamal has been suspended from the post of project director for garbage less than a day after his appointment. Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar said that he is suspending the PSP leader because of his attitude.  He misbehaved with the bosses and acted beyond his jurisdiction and authority, said Akhtar in a press conference on Tuesday. "I forgave everything because I thought he will help the people of Karachi but he isn't worth it." Kamal is only concerned about his politics and is not interested in improving the lives of the people, he added. Related: Karachi mayor designates Mustafa Kamal as ‘project director garbage’ On August 26, the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation issued a notification saying that Kamal has been appointed as its project director for garbage over his "willingness to clean the city of Karachi within 90 days of time”. Kamal, in a media talk, said that he accepts this challenge and assured people that he will people work day and night to clean the city. "Kamal should've come to the city government office and given his joining and then met with the municipal services department," said Akhtar. He should've shared all his plans with them, instead of making a public announcement. "He was appointed for three months. He was working under the municipal corporation," the mayor clarified. "He is not working for NAB that he is asking for other peoples' bank account details." Kamal has been going to places that don't fall under his jurisdiction, Akhtar claimed. "Why are you going to DMCs when you are not responsible for them?" Related: Mustafa Kamal announces taking charge as KMC’s project director garbage Akhtar even accused the PSP leader of misbehaving with everyone and cursing everyone he has been working with. Responding to the news, PSP's Arshad Vohra said that this was meant to happen. "They just wanted to demean Kamal," he told SAMAA TV. Kamal had only asked the KMC for machinery to pick up garbage. When he went to work, he realised that the machinery had never arrived. "Everyone knew that this would happen." First of all, the mayor doesn't have the authority to appoint anyone and he certainly can't suspend anyone, remarked Vohra. "If he [Akhtar] actually wanted to work then he would've taken some actual steps," he said. "The people of Karachi know how they are. These people are only interested in building palaces for themselves. They don't care about the people," he added. Follow SAMAA English on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


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