India's actions in Kashmir causing regional tensions: Ambassador Asad Majeed

He urges the UN, President Trump to resolve the issue
Aug 13, 2019
Photo: AFP Pakistan's ambassador to the United States Asad Majeed Khan said on Tuesday that India's aggressive and unilateral actions have resulted in regional tensions. While talking to Fox News in the US, Khan said, "India has unilaterally tried changing the status of a region which has been seen by the international community over the years as a disputed territory.” He added that this has brought the region at the verge of a serious conflict. "They [the Indian government] are trying to rewrite history and they have tried to deprive a people of their identity. And they have unilaterally tried to settle an issue which has been there on the UN agenda for almost 70 years," he said. He added, "Let me explain this to you and for your viewers, it is just like one fine morning, someone in Washington decides to split the state of New York into three constituent units -- without making any reference to the people of the state. And this is done on top of that state being a disputed territory, duly recognized by the United Nations." He remarked that the United Nations and particularly President Trump should intervene to resolve the Kashmir issue. “Pakistan would welcome any US intervention over the Kashmir situation,” said Khan. Related: China assured Pakistan its support on Kashmir issue: FM Qureshi He remarked that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not responded to Pakistan's call for peace. "Prime Minister Imran Khan was here [in the US]. He spoke to you personally. He also met President Trump at the White House. And we've been very consistent in making all efforts to ensure peace with India. Unfortunately, all those gestures have not been reciprocated." The ambassador said that China has also strongly criticised India's unilateral measures, and it has assured Pakistan its complete support on the Kashmir issue. Earlier, India had stripped Kashmir of its special status in the Constitution on August 5 and brought the region under its direct rule. Kashmir has been divided between Pakistan and India since their independence from the British Empire in 1947. The two countries have fought two of the three wars over the disputed Himalayan territory. Follow SAMAA English on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.




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