Maryam wants court to 'strike down' Nawaz's sentence

Requests superior courts to do 'justice'
Jul 24, 2019
PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz says that the judge who sentenced her father, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, has been removed but his judgment was not quashed even after she produced evidence against him. “In light of the evidence, Mian sahab's sentence should be struck down,” Maryam said in Lahore on Wednesday. “I request superior courts to do justice.” The case against Nawaz should be declared “null and void”, she said. “A re-trial is unacceptable to me,” the PML-N leader said. “What guarantee is there that those who blackmailed Arshad Malik wouldn’t again blackmail the judge in the re-trial?” She claimed that the video that she released in her July 6 press conference was “authentic”, adding that the Punjab forensics lab set up by the former Punjab CM could ascertain the authenticity of the video. She said that she didn’t know about the video until Nasir Butt gave it to her. Related: Shehbaz, Maryam present ‘solid proof’ of Nawaz’s innocence "I didn't record the video and I didn't know about it until Nasir sahab gave it to me," she said. "Everybody knows that the video is authentic. The forensics lab set up could ascertain the authenticity of the video," she added. In an explosive press conference on July 6, Maryam Nawaz had showed a clip of Accountability Court II Judge Arshad Malik talking to a person at his house. Judge Malik is the accountability court judge who announced the verdict in the Al-Aziza Steel Mills case. “In the video, the judge can be heard explaining that in order to make any instrument work it is necessary to tighten its screws. You can make any sound come out of the instrument as per your will,” Maryam had quoted the judge as saying in the video. She then showed another clip in which Judge Malik allegedly claimed that Nawaz did not commit any corruption. Related: Islamabad High Court orders removal of accountability judge Arshad Malik Maryam had claimed that the judge has said that “in this case, there are no allegations of financial corruption, illegal gratification, commissions or kickbacks were received by the accused [Nawaz Sharif] or were paid by any person or department.” Nasir Butt, the man who recorded the video, is an acquaintance of the judge, she had said. “He told Nasir that he has been unjust towards an innocent man. The judge told him that he wants to meet him and give him evidence about his innocence,” she had claimed. The judge, however, denied the accusations and claimed that the PML-N had tried to bribe him to acquit Nawaz. Judge Malik, who was removed from the accountability court by the Islamabad High Court, said that Nasir Janjua, an acquaintance of Nawaz had offered him 100 million Euros. Related: Islamabad High Court orders removal of accountability judge Arshad Malik Maryam said that Judge Malik should be summoned to court and questioned. Why did the judge talk about the bribe offer after we released the video? she asked “I have more evidence,” Maryam said. “I showed responsibility and restraint.” Follow SAMAA English on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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