Real estate snapshot on Surjani in Karachi

Cheap small plots going for Rs700,000
A rough real estate map to Surajni town. Photo: Samaa Digital
A rough real estate map to Surajni town. Photo: Samaa Digital
A rough real estate map to Surajni town. Photo: Samaa Digital Surjani Town in District West is being pitched as a new avenue for investors or low- and middle-income people who want to own a house. Surjani Town is one of the neighborhoods of Gadap Town, and if you look at the map, it is to the left of Karachi spread over 6,600 acres of land that belongs to the Karachi Development Authority or KDA. Surjani Town has 17 sectors in which 15 have been set aside for housing schemes that were launched by the KDA in 1984. Real estate agents who work in the area find that they are mostly dealing with working class clients who want to live in their own house and will buy plots that are 60, 80, and 120 square yards. Shaban Ali of Sawa Real Estates said, for example, that he was finding that families from other suburban areas were coming to Surjani over the last year or so. He estimated, and this could not be independently verified by Samaa Digital, that one-third of Sectors 4-A and L-1 have been filed. He placed the rates of a 120 square yard residential plot in Surjani Sectors 4-A and L-1 in the range of Rs3.5 million to Rs4.5 million. “People mostly prefer 120 square yard plots for residential use so that is why prices have gone a bit over a year in different sectors,” he said, naming Sectors L-2, L-4, L-5, L-6, L-7 and L-10. L-2, 5, 6, 7 have price tags of Rs3 million to Rs3.5 million Sector L-3 is an unplanned area and Sector 9 is designated for a cattle farm. Another estate agent, Muhammad Ahmed of Itemaad Estates, deals in comparatively smaller residential plots of the 60 to 90 square yard range in Sector L-10/5 in Surjani Town. He said these units are much cheaper starting at Rs700,000 for 60 sq yds. They go up to Rs1 million to Rs1.2 million for 80 sq yds and Rs1.4 million to Rs1.6 million for 90 sq yds. But here is the kicker. The land, according to Muhammad Ahmed, is cheaper here compared to other areas because of the lack of infrastructure like roads and streetlights. Investments are risky because of the menace of “china-cutting” of amenity plots. But despite this there has been a noticeable movement in the sale and purchase of the land over the last two years. The KDA authorities at the Surjani Town Office agreed that the land mafia had been operating here for the last two decades. But the situation is said to be in control now with the authority giving away possession to allottees. KDA director for estate & enforcement, Waryal Indhar, gave the example of Sector L-8, an industrial area, that is encroached on up to 90% by the land mafia that has set up an illegal ‘Saiful Marri Goth’. “Our amenities and balloting for plots in Sector 4-B have been encroached on by people who established illegal ‘goths’ by the name of Allah Dino Goth, Dil Murad Goth, Yaro Goth, Saiful Marri Goth and Shah Baig Goth,” he added. The director said 30% encroachment and illegal construction still exists in Sectors 10-1 to 10-4 by the names of Brohi Goth, Yousuf Goth and Ayub Goth. “The authority has made several attempts to remove the encroachments from these sectors,” he said. “But due to strong retaliation from land grabbers, the teams could not meet their goals.” Some of these goths, however, were part of Karachi's original list and have been documented by Perween Rehman. The mapped goths include Brohi Goth, Saiful Marri Goth, Yousuf Goth, Dil Murad Khan Goth, and Ayub Goth. Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is not a substitute for independent price inquiries as prices fluctuate. Please be aware that real estate agents by nature of the job attempt to attract people. Our goal was to provide some rough figures and alert readers to encroachment problems and risks.


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