‘One negative thought eradicates 13 positive ones’

Personal counselor Salma Asim believes suicide needs to be discussed
May 01, 2019
Personal counselor Salma Asim believes most of Pakistan's mental health problem stem from the environments in our households where children are taught to bury their emotions, and suicide is considered too sensitive a topic to be discussed. “I think there is a need to express our thoughts and encourage discussion,” Asim said on SAMAA TV’s morning show Naya Din on Wednesday. She said youngsters are not given proper space to talk about their problems, which makes them turn to drugs, while also adding that it is our responsibility to ease their pain. Related: Help on its way for young Pakistanis with depression “Mothers can play an important role in supporting their children and in bringing them out of depression,” she said. Asim said half of the problems will end when we start smiling at others. “We need to be kind to everyone since everyone is fighting their own battles,” she added. Follow SAMAA English on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.



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