Karachi police baton charge, arrest protesting teachers to stop them from marching to Red Zone

20 teachers have been arrested, five injured
Karachi police baton-charged protesting teachers to stop them from marching towards Red Zone on Thursday afternoon.  Around 2,500 government teachers from across Sindh were protesting outside the Karachi Press Club. Police took action against them after they started towards CM House. They fired tear gas shells too. As of Thursday evening, around 20 teachers have been detained. Five teachers have been injured and shifted to the hospital. The teachers have warned that they won’t let the matric exams across the province happen. The exams are scheduled to start after two days. “Exams are supposed to start in two days and the police have caused so much difficulty to the teachers of Sindh. They have been injured and detained because of the police,” said one of the protesters. Related: Police baton charge protesting students in Muzaffarabad “We are teachers not terrorists,” he said. Another protesting teacher added that they were ready to do whatever it takes for their rights. “These policemen beat us with sticks without any shame,” said a teacher. They are the same law enforcers we taught when they were in school, she said. The term 'red zone' has been coined by the police to mark the area which needs maximum protection. In such areas, the police have zero tolerance for any illegal activity, even wrong parking or encroachment, to ensure the security of politicians and VIPs. Some teachers went to meet the deputy commissioner, but they failed to reach an agreement. The teachers have been asking for regularisation of their contracts and change in their time cycle. Follow SAMAA English on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


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