Two Karachi boys die after drowning in Sajawal pond

The boys had gone to a Sajawal’s village for tableegh
Mar 23, 2019
Photo by reporter
Photo by reporter
[caption id="attachment_1718342" align="alignnone" width="640"] Photo by reporter[/caption] Two young men from Karachi, who had gone to Sajawal with a group of the Tableeghi Jamaat on Friday, died on Saturday after drowning in a pond. The boys, who were the residents of Karachi’s Lasbela area, were identified as Afaq Ahmed and Nazeem Ahmed. The boys had gone to a Sajawal’s Khameesu Khan Pathan village from Lasbela’s Nouman Masjid for tableegh or proselytising. The boys had gone for a swim but their bodies were recovered by locals an hour after they drowned. Their bodies have been shifted to Karachi after their funeral prayers offered in Sajawal.



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