PM Imran Khan doesn't think he is worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize

The person who solves Kashmir dispute will deserve it
Mar 04, 2019
[caption id="attachment_1689862" align="alignnone" width="640"] Photo: Courtesy PM House[/caption] Prime Minister Imran Khan thinks he is not worthy of the Noble Peace Prize. He said that the honour should be given to the person who solves the Kashmir dispute. Pakistanis have been demanding a peace prize for their premier because of his efforts to defuse tensions between India and Pakistan. The petition, titled ‘Nomination of Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Ahmed Khan for the Nobel Peace Prize, has a total of 324,9445 have signatures so far. The petition requires a total of 500,000 signatures. Related: People have started petitions demanding Nobel Peace Prize for Prime Minister Imran Khan #NobelPeaceForImranKhan started trending on Twitter following the premier’s speech after Pakistan Air Force shot down two Indian jets. Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry has submitted a resolution in the National Assembly too. “Prime Minister Imran Khan played a sagacious role in reducing recent tensions between Pakistan and India,” the resolution says. “The situation was averted due to proactive and deft handlings of the situation by [PM Khan].” Related: People have started petitions demanding Nobel Peace Prize for Prime Minister Imran Khan PM Khan offered to initiate a dialogue with India. He said he has made many offers to India to sit down to discuss the conflict between the two countries but they have been rebuffed. On July 26 I made an offer and wrote a letter to PM Modi, saying our foreign ministers should meet at the UN but we did not get a good response, he said. We realised this was because India’s elections were coming up, he said. He once again asked India to follow the path of peace and resolve the issue through negotiations instead of escalation. I’m addressing this to India, he said. It is important that we use our heads and logic here, he said. All the wars that have happened in the past have been because of miscalculations, he said. None of the people who started the wars thought of where the wars would go, he said. Follow SAMAA English on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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