Find out the secret to Alamgir Hotel’s lachaydar parathas

This Karachi hotel has the best parathas in town

If there’s one thing that could define a perfect morning for a Karachiite, it would certainly include a warm cup of tea with a crispy lachaydar (coil-like layered) paratha.

While there are dhabas - local tea shops - at every corner of Karachi, very few of these enjoy the fame that Quetta Alamgir Hotel does.

The hotel is famous for its finger-licking parathas. People from across the city go to it in Karachi's Bahadurabad to have a taste.

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Naseem, who has been making these lachaydar parathas since the hotel opened in 2004, says it takes around three-and-a-half hours to make it, including preparation.

What's the recipe?

Naseem revealed their secret recipe so you can now make your own paratha at home.

He said you must first knead the dough very hard and then add milk and sugar. This gives the paratha its signature sweet taste.

After this, make dough balls, flatten them and keep out in the air to dry, he said. After almost 30 minutes, the dough is further flattened before being wrapped around your fingers to fold it like a coil.

The dough is left for another 20-25 minutes after which it is rolled and fried on a big flat pan.

Unlike many dhabas, parathas at the Alamgir Hotel are available throughout the day.





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