Three Faisalabad people injured in separate kite-flying incidents

On Jan 23, the Punjab govt took back its decision to lift the 12-year ban on basant
Feb 08, 2019
People in Faisalabad are celebrating despite the Punjab government’s ban on the festival. Three people have been injured so far because of kite-flying. They have been shifted to a nearby hospital. A motorcyclist sustained injuries after a kite string wrapped around his neck on Satiana Road. In two other incidents, a boy and a youngster tripped and fell of a roof while they were flying a kite. Related: Punjab won’t be celebrating basant after all On January 23, the Punjab government took back its initial decision to lift the 12-year ban on the festival. The government justified its decision saying that it would take four to six more months to prepare for a basant festival free of any dangers. Around six months will be needed to arrange a safe basant festival, then Punjab senior minister Aleem Khan had said, adding that if all institutions fulfilled their responsibilities, it would be possible to celebrate festivals such as basant. He said the decision was being made in the public’s interest. Related: No one will be celebrating basant till the court says so: Punjab Law Minister Raja Basharat The government’s change in the decision had come after their the lift in the ban on basant was challenged in the Lahore High Court by a petitioner, Advocate Safdar Shaheen. He argued that the festival’s major activity of kite flying had turned into a blood sport. He added that many lives have been lost due to kite flying. Advocate Shaheen said allowing a celebration that resulted in the loss of human lives was unconstitutional.





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