Why is there no gas in Karachi?

Gas supply expected to be restored by Thursday
Dec 12, 2018
Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP
    [caption id="attachment_1626527" align="alignnone" width="640"] Photo: AFP[/caption] The lives of Karachiites continued to be marred by the shortage of gas. The CNG stations have been shut indefinitely and the people can’t even cook food because of low gas pressures. Initially, the SSGC said that the gas shortage occurred because of low supply at two gas fields, including Gambit Gas Field. Related: Transporters turn to Hub as Karachi runs out of gas PPL sources negated their claims and said that there was no technical fault in the gas field. “It is functioning on its full capacity,” the sources said. SSGC Spokesperson Shehbaz Islam said that the company never said that the gas field has been shut. “We are just not getting the supply which we usually do,” he remarked. “We will start supplying gas to CNG stations as soon as meet our demands,” he told SAMAA TV. Later on, it was revealed that there was no technical problem at Gambit field. The shortage occurred because a private company is servicing its RLNG Terminal. The terminal will become operational at 12am on Thursday. Related: Karachi’s CNG stations to be closed indefinitely as the city suffers from gas shortage  The SSGC spokesperson remarked that they are producing 350 MMSCFD of gas because of which they can’t provide gas to independent power producers and 650 CNG stations. The CNG association staged a protest outside SSGC’s office on Wednesday. They even held a meeting but the talks failed. Sui Southern General Manager Muhammad Ejaz said that the gas supply hasn't been closed indefinitely. It will resume once the supply is restored, he said. The association remarked that it will stage a protest in the next 24 hours if their demands aren’t met.


Gas Shortage

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