Transporters turn to Hub as Karachi runs out of gas

Karachi's CNG stations have been closed indefinitely
Dec 12, 2018
Vehicles from Karachi travelled to Hub to get CNG as the city suffered from a gas shortage.  Buses, mini-buses and rickshaws were queued up at different CNG stations in Hub a day after the government decided to shut down all CNG stations in Karachi for an indefinite time. A traffic jam was reported on the RCD Highway too. A restriction has been imposed on vehicles coming from Karachi to get CNG, Lasbela Deputy Commissioner Shabbir Ahmed Mengal told SAMAA Digital. "We didn't know so many vehicles would come," he remarked, adding that there are a limited number of CNG stations in Hub. They aren't even enough stations to meet the needs of the people in Hub, he said. Related: Karachi’s CNG stations to be closed indefinitely as the city suffers from a gas shortage Hub Assistant Commissioner Iftikhar Bugti said that he had warned the owners of CNG stations to not give gas to vehicles from Karachi. However, they did not heed the warning, he said. People living in Hub said that every time the CNG stations are closed in Karachi, transporters come to Hub. Not only does this affect traffic, but leads to people waiting outside stations for hours.


CNG stations

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