Karachi schools given final notice to relocate from residential areas

95% schools have been built on residential plots
Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP
  Photo: AFP All private schools in Karachi have been given a final notice to relocate from residential plots. The Sindh Building Control Authority has ordered the schools to shift to commercial plots before the end of winter vacations. The campus will be demolished if any school fails to comply. Around 95% of the schools in Karachi are operating on residential plots. Related: Registration suspended of two more Karachi schools over failure to return excess fees However, if a school wishes to turn a residential plot into a commercial one, then it will have to pay Rs8,000 per yard. The entire process is expected to cost Rs3 million to Rs4 million. Schools’ associations held a meeting and concluded that they cannot pay the amount needed to commercialise a school. The private schools association will hold a press conference on December 3. “The policy seeks to finish the education sector or at least finish the private education system in Karachi,” said Private Schools Association Chairperson Tariq Shah. “We will challenge the SBCA orders in court and will appeal to the chief justice to look into this matter. If 99% of the schools are sealed, then it will a significant impact on the overall education sector,” he said.  Shah appealed to the parents to join their protest against the orders.

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