Countries are looking to form policies around their people's happiness

Pakistan ranks 75th on the World Happiness Report, beating India and China
Nov 12, 2018
Photo: World Happiness Report
Photo: World Happiness Report
Photo: World Happiness Report
Photo: World Happiness Report
Photo: AFP All countries want to know is whether their people are happy. At least, that's what it seems like. Nation states around the world are making policies keeping in mind the happiness and well-being of their people. For a nation’s value and progress, governments want to move beyond economic growth as a measure and look at well-being instead. New Zealand announced that its 2019 budget will report on how national spending impacts well-being, reported the World Economic Forum. Earlier in 2018, the Smart Dubai Office launched their Smart Happiness Index to assess the performance of city managers by checking the happiness gain for spending funds. Related: Using social media makes people more lonely: study Psychologists introduced positive psychology to investigate how satisfied people feel about their lives and to assess their well-being. Happiness can be measured and mapped now, by asking people to evaluate how they feel about their life on a scale from zero to 10. [caption id="attachment_1602102" align="alignnone" width="640"] Photo: World Happiness Report[/caption] A World Happiness Report has been published every three years since 2012 it reveals the global rankings of happiness. Currently, Finland tops the list while Burundi is at the last position. Interestingly, Pakistan ranks 75th among 156 countries, the happiest among all their bordering nations. China was ranked 86, Bangladesh  115, Sri Lanka 116, India 133 and Afghanistan 145. While people might generally feel that their happiness is something intangible which cannot be given a number, this new measurement approach is increasingly popular among governments who want to move beyond economic growth as a measure of a nation’s value and progress.




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