People search debris for scraps as anti-encroachment drive continues in Karachi's Saddar

The area has not been cleared of debris yet and the KMC says it will take up to 36 hours to do so
The KMC removed 140 illegal shops around Jahangir Park in Saddar on Monday as part of its anti-encroachment drive but the process of picking up the debris is quite slow.   According to sources in the KMC, the Sindh Solid Waste Management Board was responsible for removing the debris but their vehicles are nowhere to be seen. Municipal services vehicles have been called in and it will take 24 to 36 hours to clear the area of debris. The debris, however, is being searched by scavengers to extract steel bars and other useful items. The bars are being sold for between Rs25 to Rs40 per kilogramme to scrap dealers. They then sell it in the market after keeping a profit of at least Rs10. The remaining illegal shops at the back of Empress Market and an adjoining illegal structure were also demolished. The operation in Saddar will continue as at least 25 to 30% of the work is remaining. Related: KMC gets down to business to remove over 1,000 illegal shops from Karachi’s Saddar The traffic flow in the area has been affected because of the disorganised parking system and people stopping their vehicles to see what’s happening. The anti-encroachment cell said that after the operation’s completion in Saddar, other districts in Karachi will be cleared of encroachments. This includes districts Central, East and West. The operation in District Korangi will also be sped up so that the mayor can submit an answer to the Supreme Court next week. The KMC has been working to remove encroachments from Saddar for the past week on the orders of the top court.




Empress Market

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