Govt will take all steps necessary to ensure Aasia Noreen’s safety: information minister

Says the government needs to take steps against extremism
Dec 21, 2019
[video width="640" height="360" mp4=""][/video] Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry has said that his government would “take all steps necessary” to ensure Aasia Noreen's safety. In an interview with the BBC, Chaudhry defended his government’s decision to sign an agreement with the religious group. “We had two options: either to use force, and when you use force people can be killed. That is not something a state should do... We tried negotiations and (in) negotiations you take something and you give something," Chaudhry said. Related: TLP ends sit-ins as government agrees to put Aasia Bibi on ECL On October 31, soon after the Supreme Court overturned Aasia Noreen's death sentence and ordered her release, the TLP and religious groups took to the streets to protest. The sit-ins continued across the country for three days and ended on Friday (November 2) after the PTI-led government reached an agreement with the protesters. The minister said that they need to take steps against extremism and such kind of violent protesters. “We need to come up with a permanent solution.” “Right now this is not a cure. This is firefighting, what we are doing. The cure is the real thing and our government is committed to the cure.” Related: Lahore police book TLP leaders, others for disturbing law and order According to the five-point agreement, the government will initiate the legal proceedings to place Aasia Noreen's name on the ECL and won’t object to the review petition filed by the litigants. The government will immediately release all the protesters arrested on October 30 and after that, the agreement said. The TLP leaders will apologise for issuing ‘painful’ statements and hurting the sentiments of the people.

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