Opinion: Is the PTI govt pursuing a directionless policy?

Instead of discussing helicopters we should be talking about the direction of our public sector development and future defence policy, says Abdul Moiz Jaferii
Instead of discussing menial issues like helicopters, why are we not talking about the major challenges facing the PTI government, asked Agenda 360 hosts Abdul Moiz Jaferii and Haider Waheed. Two weeks after the formation of the new government, the nation is discussing issues like the use of helicopters and expenditures of Prime Minister House while ministers like Fawad Chaudhry are busy giving explanations, Jaferii said. The cost of the PM House expenses is just a drop in the ocean of the federal budget, he added. The defence budget is Rs1.1 trillion and PSDP is Rs1.03 trillion while the PM House office expenses are just Rs986 million. “What about the direction of our public sector development? We haven’t even touched our future defence policy and other important issues. Are these problems PTI’s conspiracy against its own government”? he questioned. When you can’t produce much results, which we should not expect at this stage, you go towards gimmickry like on the issue of austerity and accountability, Waheed said.

Imran Khan


Agenda 360

Haider Waheed

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