MNA Aslam Bhootani says Gwadar is in the Stone Age, with no electricity, water or gas

Aug 18, 2018
Photo: AFP
Photo: AFP
[caption id="attachment_1521697" align="alignnone" width="640"] Photo: AFP[/caption] Lasbela-Gwadar National Assembly representative Muhammad Aslam Bhootani said that today Gwadar resembles a Stone Age-era settlement where there is no water, gas, electricity or jobs. Congratulating Prime Minister Imran Khan on being elected, he said that the premier should keep an eye on this important area. He said that after the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor was started, Lasbela and Gwadar have become an ornament. Bhootani said that it was because of Gwadar’s beach that the CPEC project even came to Pakistan. He said when he met Imran in Bani Gala, he apprised him on the issues being faced in the constituency. Gwadar’s name is tossed around a lot but today it resembles something out of the Stone Age. The people of Gwadar have traditionally made a living through fishing but now it is difficult for them to even do that. Illegal fishing is being done using large trawlers but this can be stopped in the navy patrols the area, he said. The MNA said that when gas was first discovered in Sui, it was said that Balochistan would witness a new era but nothing was done and the people did not benefit. When CPEC began the same promises were repeated, he said. The pre-CPEC Gwadar was much better than the Gwadar of today, Bhootani said. I will not let Gwadar become another Sui, he warned. We are not against progress, he explained, adding that the whole world can benefit from Gwadar’s coast but the ones to benefit first should be the people of Gwadar. I hope the new government will focus on Balochistan’s coast and resolve the problems of its residents. If the issues are not resolved I promise that no caravans will enter Pakistan through Gwadar’s port. He also raised the issue of Sardar Akhtar Mengal’s speech during the National Assembly session at which the speaker was elected being blacked out on national television.




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