Around the world in six years without planes

Aug 06, 2018
Photo: courtesy Once Upon A Saga Blog
Photo: courtesy Once Upon A Saga Blog
Photo: courtesy Once Upon A Saga Blog In the 19th century, Phileas Fogg took it upon himself to finish a fictional 80-day journey around the world. He didn’t have any choice but to travel in horse carriages and steam ships and improvise along the way. Today, Torbjorn Pedersen, who goes by the name of Thor, is doing the same thing.  “I was born so late that all the great things had already been done. This isn’t quite true but that’s how it feels sometimes,” he said in an interview with Al Jazeera. Thor, a Danish citizen, has visited 152 countries so far. With 51 more countries to go, he gets on cars, trains, buses and container ships – everything but a plane. He has been travelling for the last two years and it will take him roughly another two years to finish his journey. Political and logistical challenges at land and sea borders, such as the one at the Qatar-Saudi border, have posed a nightmare for the young explorer. Yet, Thor is determined. While everyone collects souvenirs and fridge magnets on trips, he snaps selfies with people he meets.


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