Do you need a clarifying shampoo? Find out here

Mar 01, 2018
NEWS DESK: A shampoo that cleans your hair doesn’t sound like much of an ask but, just like our bodies, sometimes our locks require a product that’s going to give it a deep cleanse, a hair detox if you will, reported The Independent. And that’s exactly where clarifying shampoos come in. Specifically made to deep clean your hair from dirt, oil, chemical and product build-up that accumulates on your scalp, the formulas promise to leave your tresses looking and feeling fresh. But, how often should you use one? While clarifying shampoos are great at cleansing your strands of all traces of gunk, they also have the potential to strip away the natural oils that keep your hair shiny and your scalp moisturised too. As such, while the amount you should use can depend on your hair type, it’s typically recommended not to wash your locks with a clarifying shampoo more than once a month; use your regular shampoo every other day the rest of the time. To use, simply lather up the shampoo at your roots first as this is where build-up tends to be the worst and really work it into your hair. Then spread evenly through the lengths of your hair and rinse before following with a conditioner or hair mask to restore any lost moisture.
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