Nawaz can't head the party but remains the de facto head

Feb 21, 2018
By Roohan Ahmed “Nawaz Sharif can’t remain the head of his party after today’s Supreme Court judgment. I repeat, Nawaz Sharif can’t remain the head of his party after today’s Supreme Court judgment,” an anchor person grabbed my attention while I was humming a favourite poem of my 20-month old daughter. The decision wasn’t unexpected if one has followed the case challenging the Elections Act 2017 passed by both the Senate and the National Assembly. The amendment to article 203 was indeed a person specific legislation added to the constitution to hand Nawaz Sharif his party’s presidency after his disqualification as Pakistan’s Prime Minister. But will the verdict hurt his party in the next elections? The answer, after taking a big look at the present political situation, is a big no. We are about to witness a sequel of “Mujhay Kyun Nikala”. Sorry “Mujhay Dobara Kyun Nikala”. The first part of the movie was, according to many, was a success - the latest was party's win in Lodhran by-election. Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz have been visiting city and after city after former’s disqualification and drawing big crowds, which gives an impression that their support base is still intact and the results of elections 2018 wouldn’t be different from that of 2013. Many legal experts say that Nawaz was disqualified for not declaring his Iqama and ‘unwithdrawn’ receivables which they say was a decision on technical and weak grounds. What do I think of Panamagate decision? Well, I am no Legal Expert and would love to ignore such questions. But Nawaz Sharif has managed to convince his voters and supporters that he was thrown-out of the PM office as a result of a ‘grand-conspiracy’ and he is now fighting for the sanctity of peoples’ vote. Do I believe him? No student of journalism or someone who has read the history of PML-N would believe what the former PM is saying; keeping in view his past and the establishment’s conspiracies he remained the part of. It’s the battle of his own survival, Nawaz and Maryam both will become irrelevant in Pakistan’s politics If the Jati Umra resident loses the game. The last lines will hurt Nawaz’s opponents – It appears that PML-N’s has successfully managed to sell its narrative and is on its way to another victory in the next elections ---- Only If his own party-men (kings’ men and horses) play last over of the match sensibly. My daughter’s favourite poem: One.. Two.. Three.. Four.. Five – Once I Caught A Fish Alive Six.. Seven.. Eight.. Nine.. Ten – The I Let It Go Again… Cutting the long story short: The fish bit the finger and I had to set him free. Note: The writer is a junior journalist with no knowledge of what’s happening around him. Yet, he leaves no chance of acting as Super Expert of everything from Earth To Mars --- Ignore him If you can’t bear him.  - SAMAA



Nawaz Sharif

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