Chocolate Festival: Bars, cakes and even fountains enthrall Karachiites

Feb 16, 2018
[video width="640" height="360" mp4=""][/video] KARACHI: Mouthwatering chocolate cakes, beans, bars and even fountains were displayed at a recent event held at a hotel in the city on Thursday as part of the three-day Belgian Chocolate Festival.  Scores of people attended the event, marveling at the display of chocolate cakes, beans, fountains and bars that were hand-crafted by the Belgian chef. The event took place at a private hotel in the city. The three-day festival aims to promote Belgian chocolate in the form of sumptuous eatables and pamper the taste buds of Karachiites. "Since I'm a woman I love eating chocolates," said one attendee. "The hand-crafted Belgian chocolates are simply amazing."




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