This child wrote to Zara, asking to model for their boy’s section

Feb 15, 2018
NEWS DESK: A seven-year-old girl has written to Zara asking to model for their boy’s section because she thinks girls should be encouraged to wear the range too, reported The Independent. Seven-year-old Eliza Brichto sent a handwritten letter to the fashion retailer offering to model for them and explained that she’s their number one fan. “Dear Zara, My name is Eliza and I’m 7-years-old. I’m writing to you because I would like to be a model for Zara boys,” she wrote. “You might think that it’s quite weird that a girl wears boy clothes but anyway let me tell you the story. “When I was four I looked at Zara girls and I wasn’t really sure about the girls clothes but then I had a little look at the boys clothes and I loved them. “Now the only place I go clothes shopping is Zara boys. I’m your number one fan, please accept my offer for me being a model for Zara boys. From Eliza.” The determined youngster even posed for a series of photos wearing her favourite pieces from Zara boys to show how she styles them. Her mother, Jess Brichto, says that she is proud of her daughter and fully supports her appeal to model boys clothes. Eliza has always been very much her own person, and very sure of what she liked and didn't," she told The Independent. "After being forced, by me, into a bridesmaid dress age three, with everyone staring her and telling how beautiful she was - she decided she never wanted to wear a dress again! She's always been interested in clothes however but just never felt girls clothes were for her. “She decided that she wanted to be a Zara Boys model to show that girls too could wear the clothes, and to encourage others to do so, as she was worried that they were missing out. “She commented once that it wasn't fair that all the models were boys and that no girls were allowed to be in their photos. She just didn't get why as the clothes were so cool.” The aspiring model is yet to hear back from the Spanish brand but her mother lives in hope adding that it would show children to always be true to themselves. “I'm so proud of Eliza in that she has never been afraid to be herself - whatever anyone else thinks,” she explained. “And I believe it would be such a brilliant recognition of this if Zara could acknowledge that their boy's clothes can look just as great on girls.” If Zara were to accept Eliza’s request, it wouldn’t be the first time the brand has experimented with gender stereotypes. Last year, the company dropped a line of gender-neutral coats showing both men and women wearing the same items of clothing. And in 2016, they also launched “Ungendered” – a line of unisex t-shirts, sweatshirts and loungewear in neutral shades.




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